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Name (and nickname): jackson. jacko.
Age (and birthday): 15. 30/12/1988.
Top Five Favorite Musical Artists: placebo, air, nine inch nails, rammstein, afi.
Top Five Favorite Movies: rules of attraction, cruel intentions, bring it on, the queen of the damned, american beauty.
Favorite Books: i don't read.
Most irritating Pet Peeves: attention seeking.
Best & Worst Qualities (including bad habits and the like): ability to make a joke out of most anything. try anything once. // i get worked up easily. if things don't go my way i get shitty.
Other(optional): Tell us anyhting you feel like. Something that really gets you going. something that really gets me going? i'm really fascinated by mental illnesses and sociology.
Why do you think you'll be accepted (honestly): since it's a rating community, well. i'm guessing because of how i look.
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