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Name (and nickname):Jenna-Most people call me Jen.
Age (and birthday):19=October 6th
Top Five Favorite Musical Artists:John Mayer,3 days grace,Britney Spears,Shania Twain and Pharrell.
Top Five Favorite Movies:Pretty Woman,My baby's daddy,Bad boys,2 fast 2 furious and Finding Nemo!!
Favorite Books:I really don't read them lol.
Most irritating Pet Peeves:Ppl that block you out when you're trying to talk to them,heartbreakers OH AND people who make fun of girls just cuz they have big boobs...low enough?
Best & Worst Qualities (including bad habits and the like):Best-I love my hair..its so blonde and I dunno Its just great..and my boobs...if you have big proud of them..even if they bug you sometimes haha.Bad-My butt--I dont have one lol..and I dont like my stomach..its yuk.
Other(optional): Well I model..and Ive been modeling for about 15 years now..I love it..NO im not a porn star haha..and something weird-I was born on the same day as my sister..October 6th...I was born 5:33 pm..and she was born 5:33 A.M...weird eh??
Why do you think you'll be accepted (honestly):Because Ive got a great personality..and Im not ALL that ugly..I guess I just have a style of my own -]

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