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Name (and nickname): Leah and i have several different nick names. My most recent one is poki.
Age (and birthday):15, May 18 1988
Top Five Favorite Musical Artists:1.Evanescene 2.Usher 3. Jessica Simpson 4. Nick Lachey 5. Beyonce

Top Five Favorite Movies: 1.Pearl Harbor 2.A Walk to Remember 3.American Wedding 4.Happy Gilmore 5.Jersy Girl
Favorite Books: I dont read all that much, i have really bad eye sight and get headaches easily, I read mostly magazines.
Most irritating Pet Peeves:Chewing with mouth open, repeating self over and over.
Best & Worst Qualities (including bad habits and the like):BEST: I get along with people easily, im easy to talk to, real easy going, love to have fun. BAD: no patients, short temper.
Other(optional): Tell us anyhting you feel like. Something that really gets you going. I have tried to join other communites and they all consider me boring and have been brutally honest with me. If you feel that way too please at least give me some pointers.
Why do you think you'll be accepted (honestly): Im really not sure if I will be accepted, Ive been told numerous times that i am pretty but ive never agreed i believe i have a good personality and im told that too but i havent had any luck with any other rating community.
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