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app. =]

Name (and nickname): Alexandria, Ali
Age (and birthday): 14 // June 22, 1990
Top Five Favorite Musical Artists: DC, Ashlee Simpson, Yellowcard, Brand New, Tim McGraw
Top Five Favorite Movies: Bring it on, Notebook, Grease, Big Daddy
Favorite Books: Lovely Bones
Most irritating Pet Peeves: Having the TV and radio on at the same time, saying alot as one word and saying anywaySSSSS
Best & Worst Qualities (including bad habits and the like): i tend to talk a lot of shit =/ .. i`m really a sweet person
Other(optional): I love traveling .. like summer vacations .. i loev to explore.
Why do you think you'll be accepted (honestly): Because I do honestly think i`m cute and i think i have a good application.
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