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I'm not hott...I AM ON FIRE!

</small>Name (and nickname): Megan...people call me cowboy...I really have no idea why
Age (and birthday): 1 March 1989. that makes me 15
Top Five Favorite Musical Artists: too.hard.to.narrow.it.down.to.five I will try for your benefits: a static lullaby, thrice, something corporate, dashboard confessional, from autumn to ashes, finch (just to name a few)
Top Five Favorite Movies: shrek, 16 candles, minority report, ice age, american wedding
Favorite Books: lovely bones, second helpings, sloppy firsts, da vincis code, 10 people you will meet in heaven, james herriot, the life of pi ect...
Most irritating Pet Peeves: boys in general, judgemental people, hypocrites (I can't spell I'm sorry)
Best & Worst Qualities (including bad habits and the like): I chew my fingernails, I tend to act stupid, I kill jokes so bad
Other(optional): yeaaaaah
Why do you think you'll be accepted (honestly): I'm the hottest around. hehe
At least 3 pictures: twos good enough!</small>

what a hottie

wooo nice tan lines eh?
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