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Name (and nickname): Victoria aka Vicky or Vickster
Age (and birthday): 16 /October 6 1987
Top Five Favourite Musical Artists: Eminem, Blink182, The Rasmus, Simple Plan and 50 Cent
Top Five Favourite Movies: Save the last dance, 8 mile, dude where’s my car?, 28 days later and Gothika
Favourite Books: Missing Judy by Anne Cassidy
Most irritating Pet Peeves: When people worm their way into a conversation on morals and guys who use really bad chat up lines.
Best & Worst Qualities (including bad habits and the like): Im a friendly character, im laidback and don't take anything so seriously, because if you do you’ll never appreciate those things that you do have. Bad things are sometimes I get into don't give a **** moods and don't care abut anything.
Why do you think you'll be accepted (honestly): Because I want to find out what everyone else thinks of me! (don't be too harsh though)
At least 3 pictures:

Sorry about the pictures’ quality my cam is not worthy of my trust lol.

Vicky <3
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